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About Us

Fitness clinic:

We are a clinic where we help people to get back into shape not by following an active lifestyle alone but we also do other treatment modes like cellulite mobilization, massage and spa treatment in order to help the overweight or the obese person to start losing his weight.

Obesity is an epidemic:

The rate at which obesity has taken over our country is both alarming and overwhelming. It is the urgent need of the hour to be able to cater to such patients who have no discretion but to end up immobile if their weigh is not checked and treatment not meted out immediately.

The worst of all of the affected are children and teens. Today's children are the future citizens of our country and by neglecting their health we are raising a future of only sick and dependent citizens who will not bring any productive changes to the government but in fact become a liability on the state's mechanisms.

Bariatric surgery:

The clinic has also a specialized bariatric ward where surgeries are conducted for severely overweight or obese patients. The procedure is not cost effective at the moment and that is why the health insurance and medi-claim of the patients entails a lot of paperwork to be done.

Liposuction as a procedure is more common in patients who want to get back on their feet in quicker time. The surgery is a hit nationwide with the surgery itself having very high rate of success. The maintenance of the ideal weight after the procedure is carried out is also taken into the purview of the treatment itself and the patient is watched for a period of two years and kept in strict observation of his diet and his activity log in order to make sure that he does not regain the lost weight back.