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Fun facts on everything related to health, fitness and exercise


Are you one of those who jumps up and jumps for joy at the mention of fitness, health and sports? Or are you the converse of this? Whatever you are there is one thing that you need to know for sure and that is your physical health is extremely crucial for your mental health and your overall development of your personality. Therefore, there is no way you can neglect working out CafeCredit.

Conscious effort is necessary:

It is extremely and here mark my words, extremely important that you work out on your body consciously and conscientiously. Working out not only helps the happy hormones to be secreted but it also allows your body to enjoy the benefits of a long and healthy life. Because you must have that when wealth is lost only something is lost but when health is lost everything is list. Don't wait till the moment you regret that you didn't let your body work hard enough for you. Wake up now and start your journey to fitness right away. Let me tell you this will be something that you are never going to repent!

Here is a list of interesting facts about fitness and exercising that we put together to help motivate back to the exercise mode or to get you started afresh.

1. Ever wondered why people who do core and strength training do not seem to put on any weight even if they do binge eating over a prolonged period of time?

The reason is really logical. When there are more muscles in the body than the fat, the calorie burning ability of the body is increased by three times. So, to say that these people who work on their core muscles can eat guilt fee because the moment they get back to working out, they start losing all the calories at three the speed of a normal person.

2. Talking about muscles, do you know what muscle in your body is attached at one end only unlike all the rest in your body?

The only muscle that is loose at one end is your tongue. One more fascinating thing about the tongue is that every person has their own unique tongue print and this is also a possibility of investigation for forensic experts.

3. The value of valves in your arteries and capillaries:

Sometimes, we don't give thought to the simplest of things and forget the complex and beautiful mechanism that our body is. We take a lot of small things of granted. For example have you wondered what would actually happen if there were no valves in our arteries?

The arterial valves help stop the blood flowing out of them. Otherwise in their absence the blood would all flow down your hands and legs when you stood up or flow in your buttocks when you sat down!  

4. Motivation to get up and going?

Have you felt that inertia early in the morning when you just cannot bring yourself to start on your fitness regime? Well, fret not. Research proves that there are 84 percent of the people of the face of the earth who do not like to exercise but do it anyway. B given a choice at least fifty percent would not do. The remaining 16 percent are the only determined ones who do not have to be pushed to work out!

5. About the heart and the brain:

Our heart is the size of our fist and the brain is likened to an average sized cauliflower. The brain weighs about 3 pounds. Both are pinkish in appearance. Even though the heart seems to be working unflinching forever, it is proved that it takes rest for a fraction of a second between every heart beat. So, if an average person's life is measured at 75 or 80 years, the heart has had rested for approximately for 20 years.

Muscle power!

The heart is the strongest muscle in our body. It beats for 100,000 times in a day for an average adult and a little less for a child. The muscles in our body if were removed and straightened up they could easily pull 20 tons of weight

. Most of our body weight is actually the weight of our muscles. The remaining is water content in our body and the vital organs.

The connection between obesity and cardio vascular diseases:

The heart needs to take the brunt of overweight of a person. This is because when a person has gained extra weight of even twenty pounds, the heart have to work double hard to transport the blood to the extra arteries and this can take a toll finally on it.

This is also the reason why morbidly obese people often die of cardiac arrests and heart failures.